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Новости Обновление Sh404sef — версия
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Обновление Sh404sef — версия

Обновление Sh404sef — версия

Очередное обновление компонента sh404sef — версия выпущена и выложена для скачивания  с 12 марта 2001 года.
В новой версии в компонент sh404sef добавлено 10 новых функций и устранено 5 багов.

Лог обновления sh404sef версии

[2011-03-12] Version

[new]    Additionnal configuration data can now optionnally be read from a central configuration file, to make sure latest information is always used
[new]    Google tracking variables (utm_xxx) are now filtered out before trying to find a match for custom page title or meta data.
[new]    Backend icon module now also displays a message when sh404SEF is up to date Tracker #335
[bug]    Pagination footer does not work after using the ajax Save button on Title and metas manager
[new]    Reworked short urls system, now called shURL, faster and shorter. Can be created without having to purge existing SEF urls. Prevent collisions with existing SEF or aliases, bad words filtering
[bug]    Issue with arrays in urls, when using only non-sef urls
[bug]    shURL manager preview links do not work when SEF urls have been purged
[new]    Added shortlinks tag configuration page
[chg]    pageId are now shURL!!
[bug]    Malformed html when editing a URL
[new]    Added SEF urls for user profile in kunena 1.6.x plugin Tracker #332
[new]    Now reset base tag, as Joomla! does not handle UTF-8 urls properly
[new]    Automatic rel canonical handling for products in multiple categories in Virtuemart
[chg]    Docman plugins now default to non-sef for unknown tasks (failsafe for future evolutions of Docman)
[bug]    Using a string with a $ for description or keywords tag may cause description or keyword to be empty Tracker #330
[new]    Added rel canonical tag handling Fixed issue with "Read more" title insertion when titles have $ sign in them
[chg]    Added protection against non-sef urls missing 'option' var when selecting SEF url plugin
[new]    Start using simplified database helper
[chg]    Version checker can now handle multiple version file servers

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